Hello! We are IRRA,
an animation video studio.
We transform ideas into movement
through creative solutions.
We are a multidisciplinary team
and our focus is to communicate by creating


What we

Each project is a unique challenge that we face with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment in obtaining the

best results.

  • Motion Graphics

    With a lot of style, dynamism and creativity we can create videos of different types: explanatory, entertainment, informative, advertising and much more. Here, lines, colors, graphics, texts and photos contribute to an admIRRAble video!

  • Animation

    Through characters, scenarios and movement we can tell your company story, present a new product and inspire behaviors, all of that in a creative and authentic way! Here, in IRRA, we transform ideas into accomplishments!

  • Live Action

    Lights, camera, action and animation! Working with two techniques (filming and animation/motion graphics) provides us with many opportunities with incredible results. Count with the IRRA additive to boost your communication.

In these 11 years,
we created videos in
different languages
and themes for small and
large companies about:

Clients who
shouted IRRA*
with us

*Note: IRRA, in Portuguese, is pronounced yee-haw‼


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