Published by Sarah Ribeiro in August 12 2022

After all, what does IRRA do?

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That IRRA is a Motion Graphics specialized studio, maybe you already know, but have you asked yourself: “okay, but what exactly does IRRA do?

If you want a reeeally short answer, we could say that we make videos using the Motion Graphics and Animation language. But that is not even 1% of what IRRA really does. So if you want a complete answer, come along with me.

We transform your ideas into movement

Our clients arrive with the most different needs, such as:

    • Show in a attractive and clear way the attributes and benefits of a product or service
    • Teach the step by step to access a software or app
    • Explain processes
    • Tell stories
    • Display an idea or project
    • Aware clients, providers or the society about a specific topic
    • Motivate or train teams
    • Attract new clients
    • Create a music video
    • Communicate your brand and statement
    • And many others… 

Our work here is to listen to your worries, ideas, and to understand what your company needs and transform this into movement. Want some examples?

We created an Animation story for the song “Só Uma Noite” by Fabio Bazza ft. Pericão, it was a success and nowadays it has more than 8 million views on Youtube:



We gave movement to the song “Contando as Horas” by Rastapé:



In a partnership with Lasca, we animated in a fun way, the Fable and Mane products that are available at Sephora Middle East:



And we animated a story made by Lasca of the ingredients Ginger, Amla and Bakuchi of Fable and Mane:



We helped TNC transform a technical content into a motion to show Alternatives of Sustainable Production to countryside producers:



We created visual narratives in motion graphics to show the creation concept of brands to clients and team workers, in this case our partnership was with Brandigno for Sub100:



We integrate the client service into brand design in presentations, this is a result of the partnership with the Designer Danilo Gabriel to Gasparini Filmes:


We uncomplicate complex subjects

Another IRRA’s specialty is to uncomplicate technical and complex subjects, of the most variety of segments, such as technology, education, health and care, engineering, telemetry, agriculture, industry, among others.

To make this happen, we have a specialty team in script, design, motion graphics and audio that dive in each project, seeking the best way to transform and uncomplicate each subject.

Check out some of the videos that we’ve already made.

We uncomplicated the communication of Cultura Inglesa Londrina and Curitiba teaching the hybrid classroom system:



We explained how the system works:



We showed the operation of the Effortech’s salilate terminals:



And we explained the differentials of the Globalsat’s rail management system:


We optimize time and make team training easier 

The motion graphics videos are an excellent choice to subjects that are addressed more often, such as internal training, compliance standards, security instructions, sales pitch, sustainable reports presentation, product or service disclosure, among others.

This allows the demanish of meetings, optimization of the team time and a padronization of communication.

We showed the hand protection cream Help Hand by Henlau:



We simplified the communication using motion graphics techniques to show the cooperative team the Unimed Londrina’s Sustainable Report:



And we explained in a friendly way the Geo Energética’s security procedures:


We help your product or service sell more

Videos are powerful marketing and selling tools and more and more companies are betting on this option into their Marketing strategies.
In this other article we brought research data that showed that videos are the best type of content to ROI (Return on Investment) in ads; it increases 53 times the ranking of the website on google; it increases over 70% the emails openings and it engages more than photos and texts.

No wonder TikTok, an exclusive video social media, has been growing exponentially and bothering the rest of the social media, such as Instagram and Facebook, which have been prioritizing the video shape.

And to highlight in this video world, it is important to innovate in quality materials that are aligned with your strategies, communication and, of course, made by an AWESOME team, right?! 😉

Check out some of the videos that we’ve produced here at IRRA:

Promotional video about an internet plan with TV and Social Media broadcasting for Ligue:



We created a catalog per region and a product to show the releases of Brasmax soybean cultivars:



We helped DONMARIO with the entrance communication in the corn market creating the release video of the new Hybrids:


So, did you get it what IRRA does? If you want more information and check how we can help your business, send a hello and we will make an AWESOME chat with you!


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