Published by Sarah Ribeiro in April 27 2021

IRRA Studio: 10 years of ideas in motion

Institutional IRRA Studio Branding Jobs

It is with much enthusiasm that we completed in 2021 a decade of IRRA Studio and we are proud to be the main animation and motion graphics studio in Londrina and in the North of Paraná.
To celebrate the date, we invited the guys from Brandigno to develop our rebranding and we also invited Lasca and Programatório to reshape our website.
These changes mark our process of growth and constant search for enhancement that we have experienced along these 10 years. We are in motion and our brand must reflect it too!

“We thought about an identity that kept the essence, that kept the bird concept, but at the same time, that brought a bit more dynamism. So, now the bird rests and becomes integrated with the “i” in the typography, bringing more harmony to the brand and, besides, we added textures, colors and elements that bring more versatility and vibrance to the brand applications, representing IRRA’s DNA.” (Alexandre Nami, co-owner of Brandigno).

Innovation is in our blood

When we started in 2011, we soon became known for innovating, after all back then almost no one worked only with animation and motion graphics in the region.
It was very hard to find study material and most of it were in English. It wasn’t as it is nowadays that we have plenty of courses, YouTube tutorials… testing was needed, checking out what would work, and this helped us build a method where we align theoretical and practical concepts according to our work profile.

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Since then, IRRA became a reference in the subject and we built a portfolio with more than 240 clients served, among them, important national and international companies, as well as several advertising agencies and design studios. 

“The great differential of IRRA, apart from the great service, is the high quality of the materials that they always deliver. We know what to expect, we know we can count on them always” (Felipe Malassise, Sr Publicity & Promotion Analyst, Adama Brasil)


Some companies that already shouted IRRAAAA!

*Fun fact: IRRA, in Portuguese, is pronounced as “yee-haw”


And many others!

It was always really cool to work with IRRA. Our clients have always been quite satisfied with the produced materials, because they have a lot of enthusiasm, they get involved with the work and want always to do the best. (Patricia Hemerly, Co-owner, Egg Agency)



For the next years, the challenge is to keep expanding and reach more clients outside of Brazil. For that, we are structuring the team, for us to have specific and multidisciplinary professionals, and constantly updating our process for us to mature as a company and reach higher flights.



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