Published by Sarah Ribeiro in August 22 2022

We are moved by ideas in movement

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More than making videos, IRRA transform ideas in movement.

We simplify technical information, transform complex subjects with fun and help you communicate your brand, product or purpose in an assertive way through motion graphics.

This is only possible because we have 4 fundamental pillars that make up the essence of IRRA and guide our actions: intelligence and wisdom, lightness, freedom and movement.

Get to know now how each of our pillars impacts our daily lives and the IRRAwesome videos we make for you.

Intelligence and Wisdom

Recognizing the needs of each client and proposing creative and personalized solutions for their product and audience, demand that our team intelligently use our production processes. It is essential to know which trends to use, more than that, use it wisely. We are passionate about learning new things, and with each project we dedicate ourselves to studying techniques, languages, references and delving into each client's segment.

This is what allows us to transform complex themes into light and easy to understand videos.

“We send the briefing and they can really translate into results in the video. This is very positive because it helps the different areas of the company to achieve their results.”

Juliana Fardim
Former Publicity & Promotion Analyst | Adama Brazil Marketing


Here we take our work seriously, but always with a good dose of love for what we do, a dash of good humor and three spoonfuls of fun, repeat three spoonfuls of fun. As Walt Disney said, “it's kinda fun to do the impossible”, and here we tend to turn ideas into incredible solutions, after all, life is already hard.

“I loved working with you. It was a lightweight, high-quality project.”

Beatriz Naddeo Canova
Marketing of Juntos Somos Mais (Pronta Reforma)


Freedom is fundamental, whether to create or to express our essence in what we do. It is the possibility to think freely that allows us to extrapolate common sense and propose solutions outside the cage that delight our customers (and make our daily lives much more fun).

Take a look at this series of videos we made for Avaliare, with complete freedom of creation:



Movement is one of the principles of animation, but it also represents our constant movement to innovate, learn new things and always seek to improve. It is very gratifying when we are able to evolve and grow and see that our clients grow with us. We will always be together moving, where the only option is to fly higher and higher.

“They are very willing, get involved with their work and always want to do their best”

Patricia Hemerly
Co-Owner of Egg Agency

Being able to express our essence in each project and seeing our client satisfaction in the delivery is what motivates us to improve every day. Everything we do involves a lot of care, affection and passion. We dedicate ourselves and dive into each step of our projects. Our fuel is to be able to learn and evolve in each new challenging project, we are curious and restless. We strive to perform at our best in every scenario we face. That way we got here and we intend to keep going to infinity and beyond, shouting IRRAAAAAA for everyone to hear.

So, let's fly together?

If you identify with our essence and want to have IRRAwesome videos, talk to us!


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